X-Hero Idle Avengers Tier List – The Best Characters For Your Team


If you’re the kind of gamer that gets really excited about role-playing games, you should not pass up the chance to check out X-Hero Idle Avengers. Superhero comics fans will find that this role-playing game is a perfect fit. This game is more engaging than the average because to its stunning gameplay, aspects reminiscent of idle and card games, and comic book-style visuals. A tier list of X-Hero Idle Avengers, however, can help you rule the field.

In X-Hero Idle Avengers, your mission is to assemble an idle squad of heroes so formidable that they can win the space battle of the future. Raiders, Rangers, Supermen, Warriors, Mages, and Supports are just a few of the many possible avengers in the game. Strategic team building is essential for a successful game victory.

X-Hero Idle Avengers Tier List – The Best Avengers On Your Team

Tiers S, A, B, and C are used to categorize the heroes in this X-Hero Idle Avengers List. S-Tier heroes, sometimes known as super-powered heroes, are on the other end of the power spectrum from D-Tier heroes, who are considered to be quite weak. Keep in mind that the heroes of all factions are summarized in this tier list. Therefore, without further ado, I give you the X-Lazy Men’s Avengers’ Tier List;

S-Tier Heroes – The Most Powerful Avengers

If you want the strongest heroes to utilize in X-Hero Idle Avengers, you should prioritize obtaining characters on this tier. While using heroes from this tier, you have a good chance of immediately crushing your opponents. But, unless you have them on hand for exceptional events, it might be difficult to call upon such heroes. In X-Hero Idle Avengers, we have the following superpowered heroes and their respective powers:

  • Thinker Michelangelo – Warrior
  • Succuba Anna – Mage
  • Storm Falcon Lara – Ranger
  • Mecha Rex – Warrior
  • Light Light – Warrior
  • God of Sky Zeus – Mage
  • Galaxy Galaxy – Mage
  • Electric Arc Indira – Mage
  • Cyber Ronin Musashi – Raider
  • Battlefield Angel Aphra – Support


X Hero Idle Avengers Aphra

A-Tier Heroes – The Strong Alternatives

Class A Heroes – The Powerful Substitutes
While it is true that it is tough to summon S-Tier heroes, it shouldn’t stop you from continuing to play the game altogether. So, it is essential to explore for alternatives, such as assembling a team of A-Tier heroes. You can rely on the A-Tier characters’ talents and abilities, just like you can with the superpowered characters up above. The X-Hero Lazy Avengers feature several A-List superheroes.

  • Samurai Girl Toko – Raider
  • Orochi Orochi – Ranger
  • King of Hell Satan – Raider
  • Fury Wave Pierre – Raider
  • Forest Avatar Epeius – Ranger


X Hero Idle Avengers Satan


B-Tier Heroes – The Decent Choices

Heroes in the Second Tier: the Good Options
In the event that you are unable to assemble a S or A-Tier hero team, B-Tier heroes can serve as a temporary replacement. A few things may still be counted on from these heroes, even though they aren’t quite as potent as the ones mentioned before. But, whenever higher-tier heroes become available, it is strongly suggested that you replace your existing B-Tier heroes with them. Look, it’s the second-tier heroes!

  • Unlucky Aborigine Gonibal – Warrior
  • Universe Sage Einstein – Support
  • Time Time – Support
  • Space Kong Camp – Support
  • Saint St.Matthew – Support
  • Mother of Swarms Sally – Ranger
  • Medusa Medusa – Mage
  • Lady Ivy Eve – Mage
  • Goddess of Ocean Poseidon – Mage
  • God of Egypt Anubis – Warrior
  • General of Rescue Tchaikovsky – Warrior
  • Faith Faith – Mage
  • Combat Type Cui Pan – Support
  • Blaze Centaur Rockefeller – Warrior


X Hero Idle Avengers Blaze Centaur

C-Tier Heroes – The Weak Avengers

In X-Hero Idle Avengers, the S-Tier heroes are the most strong, while the C-Tier heroes are considered the norm. While you may still use them in battle, it’s best to get a new set as soon as possible, especially when facing up against more powerful foes. The C-Tier characters are as follows:

  • T-2080 T-2020 – Ranger
  • Master Programe Alice – Mage
  • Mask Man Gascoll – Warrior
  • Lady Icy Jane – Mage
  • God of Love Cupid – Support
  • Entropy Entropy – Warrior
  • Desperate Crow Claire – Mage
  • Cheetah Runner Sophia – Warrior
  • Bullfight Iselow – Warrior
  • Breah Hero Flore – Support
  • Aurora Blade Tess – Mage
  • Abyss Titan Krooge – Warrior
  • Storm Walker Luck – Mage
  • Nine-tail Idol Park Kyulee – Mage
  • Nightmare Flame Eddie – Ranger
  • Evolver Silas – Raider
  • Evil Bot Domeron – Warrior
  • Dimension Runner Houston – Ranger
  • Devil Hunter Van Helsing – Mage
  • Catastrophe Behemoth – Warrior

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