How to find a buyer’s agent on Gold Coast?

buyer’s agent on Gold Coast


Want to buy a property on the Gold Coast? Well, this is the most favourable time to step into the real estate market of the Gold Coast. Several multi-million dollar homes are propping up the city’s housing industry. Over the period from September 2021 to March 2022, a dramatic increase of 55.1% has been observed in sales of houses and 104.4% for units. However, the prices of median dwellings in the city grew by 22% and 10% for units. So without any delay, find a buyer’s agent on Gold Coast and start the search for your dream house. Why use a buyer’s agent? 

Many think hiring a buyer’s agent is an added cost that can be avoided. This is not true! Of course, hiring buyer’s agents incur some amount of money, but they are worth it. You might not realise it, but having an agent helps you save money and time. Not just this, these experienced professionals take all the hassle off your head and can do a lot in expediting your search for a dream property. If you hire a licensed and experienced agent, your savings on buying a property could run thousands of dollars; it would be less stressful and will likely take less of your precious time.

Most property agents offer at least two levels of service.

  • The full search service lets the agent find the properties meeting their client’s preferences and then helps close the deal.
  • The negotiation or auction bidding-only service is where the client searches for the property and engages the agent only to negotiate a private treaty or bid at auction.

You probably have understood why experts recommend hiring a buyer’s agent when stepping out to buy a property. However, hiring a professional agent is not as simple as it seems. To give you ease, here are a few questions you can consider asking to narrow down your choices for a buyer’s agent:

Are you licensed to work in Gold Coast?

The first thing you need to inquire about is the license. It is the primary thing a buyer’s agent must have. You can go through the area’s OFT (Office for Fair Trading) requirements before you schedule a meeting with an agent. Acquainting yourself with these requirements can help you make a better decision with greater ease. Remember, licensing permits the agent to operate in the city and ensures they are proficient enough in their job. 

How long have they been serving the real estate industry?

The next important thing you need to ask is their years of experience. It is essential to choose an agent with specific years of experience and expertise in their profession. Of course, this can not be the sole factor that should sway your decision, but it is of utmost importance. Ask the agent about their experience and if they mainly work as a buyer’s agent or if they also work as a seller’s agent. Besides this, verify if they have a thorough knowledge of the neighbourhood you are interested in. 

What all services do they provide?

No doubt, buyers’ agents are incredible in their ways of working. However, before teaming up with a particular agent, ensuring they can provide you with comprehensive services is crucial. There should be no chance of half-baked knowledge and miscommunications. This can be possible only when you have a dedicated buyer’s agent in Gold Coast to help you through the process and handle every aspect of home buying. 

The last piece of advice for you is to trust your gut. Make sure you interview at least 3-4 agents before finalising one. Every agent’s communication style is different, and so is their working style. You should choose someone with whom you can talk genuinely, who clearly understands your specific needs and preferences. 

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