5 Things You Need To Know About UGG Boots

ugg boots in Australia

There’s truth to the adage that “the sincerest form of flattery is imitation,” which may explain why UGGs are the most often copied footwear worldwide. The fall and winter months, sometimes known as UGG season, see an explosion of this signature style everywhere. People are huge lovers of fluff, making for the cosiest ugg boots in Australia you’ll ever own in a style many people can’t live without. Check out this UGG buyer’s guide for information on size, fit, and care to get the most out of your new pair or revitalise your old favourites.

Where did UGG come from?

UGG began in 1978 in what may seem like an unpromising locale: southern California. Australian surfer Brian Smith and his friend and business partner Doug Jenson started the company by fusing the two men’s shared appreciation for traditional Australian artistry and sheepskin with the laid-back ethos of Southern California. First popularised by California’s surfers, the boots swiftly made their way into the winter wardrobes of Olympic competitors and, eventually, the rest.

Stars have always had a soft spot for UGG. They’ve also collaborated with designers like Jimmy Choo and Swarovski and been featured in Vogue. That means your warm boots come from the world of high design.

To begin, what exactly is UGGs constructed from?

UGGs are famous in Australia for their trademark plush inside, achieved using Grade A Twinface sheepskin and a lining of natural wool woven into a sturdy backing. UGGs have a treadle sole, which is more comfortable and more effective in damp conditions, making them ideal for chilly winter mornings. What sets UGG apart from the competition is the superior quality of their sheepskin. It must have a “stand-up” thickness all the way around to assure its longevity and high-end feel, and it must pass a battery of tests to prove its quality. During the process, the sheepskin is examined and graded six times to ensure that only the finest pieces are used.

Where do the sheepskin uppers for UGGs come from?

UGG boots in Australia never use skins from sheep that were raised for the express purpose of producing skins. UGG exclusively utilises the sheepskin of sheep grown for the meat business and only works with farmers following animal welfare principles to avoid abuse, cruelty, and unethical sourcing. As a result, sheepskin may be considered a by-product of animal husbandry, reducing the sector’s overall environmental effect. To guarantee this, they only buy sheepskin from vetted tanneries in the USA, UK, Ireland, and Australia. Hence, they know exactly where it came from and can quickly know their product was ethically sourced.

Size of UGGs

It’s healthy knowledge that UGGs run true to size. You expect your brand-new pair of UGGs to be cosy. Since the UGG’s inner sole will flatten and mould to your foot with time, making them somewhat roomier, you should choose new UGGs that fit snugly at first.

Measuring is the best bet if you’re unsure if your shoes fit. Put a flat sheet of paper against a wall and lean on it. The distance between your top and your heel may be measured by having someone draw a line from your top to your heel. A far more precise measurement will result from this.

Will wet weather (snow or rain) harm your UGGs?

Though they may not be entirely damaged, rainy days are not the best time to wear your UGGs. Rain or snow may leave salt stains on sheepskin and wool and can also cause the colours to fade with time. A pair of leather boots is your best bet if you’re looking for a pair that can be worn year-round.


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