Top 5 Manga Gaming Genres

Onee-chan Wa Game O Suruto Hito Ga Kawaru Onee-chan can range from emotionally engaging drama to mindless fun, providing everything from moving drama to hilarious visual puns or making you feel part of an audacious heist crew. When selecting a good manga series to watch, expect anything from heartbreaking drama to mindless entertainment!

Fullmetal Alchemist has long been considered an iconic manga story, inspiring generations of manga creators. Set post-apocalyptically and featuring two brothers’ quest to locate the Philosopher’s Stone, Fullmetal Alchemist offers intrigue, redemption and unforgettable characters that transcend generations of manga creators.

Dragon Quest

Dragon Quest is one of the largest and most influential role-playing game series in Japan, often known as Dragon Warrior outside Japan. These games, created by Akira Toriyama’s iconic design team, showcase some of their most memorable monsters and characters such as Heihachi Mishima and Orochi.

Dragon Quest I was an epic quest featuring an individual knight on an incredible journey to save Princess Satine from an evil warlord, although by modern standards this may seem outdated. Yet it found immense popularity throughout America.

Erdrick Trilogy (Lototrilogy in Japanese). Although they do not feature as rich world designs as their predecessor, Erdrick II and III still make for enjoyable adventures to discover.


Atlus’ Persona series enjoyed an extraordinary surge in popularity following Persona 4 Golden and Persona 5, two highly acclaimed JRPGs of recent memory. Additionally, Joker’s inclusion in Smash Bros cemented its place among fans.

Prison battles are an enjoyable addition to the Persona series, offering unique challenges and rewarding results. Unfortunately, some later battles become trivialized through social connections.

Unlocking the True Ending in P5R and raising Dr. Maruki’s confidant rank to 9 is key for unlocking all missing achievements; here’s how it’s done; improving strength ranking is also helpful in this endeavor.


Steins;Gate is an essential experience for fans of science fiction who appreciate narrative-driven games. It features an intricate time travel plot that may prove challenging for novice gamers to grasp, yet is nevertheless captivating and intellectually constructed – guaranteeing hours of immersive enjoyment!

Set in Akihabara – Tokyo’s techie district – it follows Okabe Rintarou and his makeshift lab, named The Future Gadget Laboratory. The story offers both humor and darkness in equal measures; and is full of delightful characters to watch!

Steins;Gate explores themes of memory, reality and choice. The protagonist and his friends must make decisions with potentially profound ramifications for their lives – making this story thought-provoking indeed.

Tales Of Berseria

Berseria, the prequel to 2015’s Tales of Zestiria, introduces its first female protagonist with an intense, revenge-driven plotline. You’ll still find familiar misfit characters as well as fast-paced combo combat – but with an all new mature tone.

The game takes place in a world shared by humans and malkhim (seraphim), yet beset with daemonblight; an infection which turns ordinary people into murderous demons. Velvet’s growing anger and desire for revenge serve as a poignant reminder that we must battle senseless violence head on.

Velvet was designed by veteran Tales character designer Mutsumi Inomata, with legendary Japanese animation studio ufotable returning to create breathtaking cutscenes. Fans of Tales should thoroughly enjoy this darker, more mature experience!


Danganronpa is a series of dialogue-heavy and text-based games famous for their “killing game” narrative. It follows a group of students as they enroll at Hope’s Peak Academy only to become trapped within its walls as victims in a deadly killing game orchestrated by Robot Teddy Bear Monokuma – known as Monokuma in Danganronpa.

Though this game boasts various play styles, its school life sequences often resemble an action-adventure or visual novel experience; when crime scenes are discovered or Class Trials occur, however, point-and-click gameplay takes center stage. Furthermore, its franchise has expanded into anime adaptations, mobile games, and light novel spin-offs.

Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts, developed by Square Enix and Disney Interactive Studios, is an action role-playing video game series set in an original fictional universe. Sora uses his Keyblade to travel between various Disney worlds while fighting off Heartless enemies – every game features both minigames as well as linear story events that must be completed to advance in plot.

Sora and his companions Donald and Goofy join forces with iconic Disney and Pixar characters to fight off Heartless and Organization XIII’s threats, exploring themes of friendship, destiny and isolation in this series.

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