Three Types of Remarketing That Help Build an Efficient Campaign



Remarketing is not some new marketing trick discovered in the industry. For the longest time, marketers have complained that the message they craft doesn’t quite reach the right segments of the audience. Even after the rise of digital marketing, there have been many campaigns that have done everything right besides making sure their message reaches the right people.

Reaching the right people is often the defining factor between a good and bad campaign. One way to reach the right audience all the time is remarketing.

Remarketing refers to the practise of marketing products and services to a segment of the audience that has previously shown an interest in the commodities being promoted.

Imagine you want to sell cricket bats. One option is to spend ten lakh rupees on a frontpage newspaper ad that goes to people across a country and advertises the bat you are promoting. Of the many people the ad would reach, not many would actually be intereste din buying bats in general. Instead, if you spend Rs. 10,000 on promoting your bats to children and parents who have previously shown a genuine interest in buying cricket bats, you’re much likely to recoup your investment.

As a concept, remarketing is rock solid. It adds that extra levl of efficiency to a campaign all marketers like. Even digital marketing institutes have tried to teach students how remarketing works in the digital space.

In this article, we three types of remarketing that can help build an efficient marketing campaign.

Remarketing to Cart Abandoners

When shopping online, people add products to a cart before finally heading to the payment page. However, not all people complete the purchase. Some abandon the cart and leave the website.


It is important to understand why most people leave their shopping carts without actually buying anything. It can either be that the overall bill is bigger than they anticipated after adding extra charges such as delivery or taxes. Maybe the page took a long time to load or the payment process of their convenience was not listed.

Despite all these problems, one thing is quite clear – the person who abandoned the cart was interested in buying. There is no debate regarding that at the very least. So, remarketing to such an audience can play very well.

Remarketing to Pricing Page Visitors

If you are promoting some kind of service, you must be having a pricing page on your website. A good audience to remarket your services would be people who have visited your service page and not gotten in touch with you.

Remarketing to such an audience can be done by offering discount options or cashback benefits that can sway them in the direction of buying the service. A lot of different marketing techniques can be used to reach such an audience.

Video Viewers

Most people consume video content these days. A remarkable trend on YouTube is that even long videos over five minutes tend to get a lot of views and average watch time. This means people are willing to spend time on long content if it’s worthwhile.

If someone is watching thirty minutes of content from a segment of which you are promoting a product or service, remarketing to such an audience is a great idea. Target ads to people watching your videos and promote products you are selling. People who watch your brand’s video content on YouTube are likely to be very loyal to your brand. Use this attribute the increase sales.

In Conclusion

Remarketing is a common tactic used by marketers to bring more efficiency to their campaign. It is used extensively in campaigns to make sure every resource is used efficiently. We discussed three types of remarketing to help build an efficient campaign.

About the Author – Gaurav Heera is a digital marketing consultant currently working for a top B2B electronics brand. He also gives routine lectures at Delhi Courses, known as best and advanced digital marketing institute in Delhi.

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