The Ultimate Guide to Cambodia Visa for Swiss & Tajikistani Citizens

Swiss citizens can obtain a visa on arrival for Cambodia. Tajikistani citizens need a visa beforehand.


Cambodia offers easy visa on arrival for Swiss citizens, while Tajikistani citizens have to apply in advance for a visa to enter the country. With beautiful temples, rich culture, and warm hospitality, Cambodia is a popular destination for travelers from all over the world.


Swiss tourists can explore the stunning Angkor Wat, experience the lively markets of Phnom Penh, and relax on the pristine beaches of Sihanoukville. Tajikistani visitors can immerse themselves in the local cuisine, learn about Cambodia’s history, and engage with friendly locals during their trip. Whether seeking adventure or relaxation, Cambodia is sure to offer a memorable experience for all travelers.


Cambodia Visa Requirements For Swiss Citizens


Swiss citizens traveling to Cambodia require a visa before their trip. On the other hand, Tajikistani citizens can obtain a visa upon arrival in Cambodia. Both nationalities should ensure they comply with the respective visa regulations for a hassle-free entry. CAMBODIA VISA FOR SWISS CITIZENS

Cambodia Visa Requirements for Swiss Citizens
Visa Types for Swiss Citizens
Application Process for Swiss Citizens

Cambodia offers different visa types for Swiss citizens including tourist and business visas. Swiss citizens can apply for their visa through the Cambodian embassy or online. The application process requires valid passport, photo, and proof of funds. It is important to check the latest visa requirements before applying.

Cambodia Visa Requirements For Tajikistani Citizens


Tajikistani citizens traveling to Cambodia need to obtain a visa before entry. Requirements typically include a passport valid for at least six months beyond the arrival date and a completed visa application form. Additional documents may be needed, so it’s advisable to check with the Cambodian embassy or consulate in advance.

Visa Types for Tajikistani Citizens Application Process for Tajikistani Citizens
Tourist Visa: For leisure travel purposes Complete visa application form accurately
Business Visa: For work-related visits Provide valid passport and supporting documents
e-Visa: Convenient online application option Pay the visa processing fee

Ensure the details match the visa type requirements. Receive visa approval before travel.

Visa Exemption For Swiss And Tajikistani Citizens

Swiss and Tajikistani citizens can enjoy visa exemption to Cambodia. To be eligible, Swiss citizens need to have a passport valid for at least six months from the date of entry and a recent passport-size photo. Meanwhile, Tajikistani citizens must present a passport with at least six months’ validity and a return ticket. Both nationals are allowed a maximum stay of 30 days in Cambodia and should not engage in paid or gainful employment during their visit. Bear in mind that it’s essential for travelers to check for any updates or changes to the visa requirements before planning their trip.

Visa On Arrival For Swiss And Tajikistani Citizens

Swiss and Tajikistani citizens planning to travel to Cambodia can obtain a visa on arrival. The application process for the visa on arrival is straightforward and relatively simple. To apply, travelers need to have a valid passport with at least six months of remaining validity and at least one blank page. CAMBODIA VISA FOR TAJIKISTANI CITIZENS

Upon arrival at the airport or border checkpoint, travelers should proceed to the visa on arrival counter. They will need to fill out an application form and provide a recent passport-sized photograph. Additionally, they must pay the visa fee in cash, in US dollars.

Once the application is processed, the visa will be affixed to the passport. It is essential to ensure that all the information on the visa matches the traveler’s passport details. With the visa on arrival, Swiss and Tajikistani citizens can enter Cambodia for tourism and stay for a maximum of 30 days.

Requirements for Visa on Arrival
Valid passport with at least six months of remaining validity
At least one blank page in the passport
Recent passport-sized photograph
Visa fee payment in cash, in US dollars

E-visa For Swiss And Tajikistani Citizens

The E-Visa system has made the Cambodia visa application process convenient for Swiss and Tajikistani citizens. To apply, you need to follow a simple online procedure. Fill out the E-Visa application form with your personal details, travel information, and passport details. Make sure to provide accurate and complete information to avoid any delays. After submitting the application and paying the visa fee, you will receive an E-Visa confirmation email within a few days.

It is important to note that the E-Visa for Cambodia has a validity of 90 days from the date of issue. During this period, you can enter Cambodia and stay for a maximum of 30 consecutive days. The E-Visa is a single-entry visa, which means if you plan to leave Cambodia and re-enter, you will need to apply for a new E-Visa. Ensure that your passport has a minimum validity of 6 months from the date of entry to Cambodia.

Once you have received your E-Visa, print a copy and keep it with you throughout your trip. Upon arrival in Cambodia, present your E-Visa along with your passport to the immigration officer. They will verify the documents and provide entry into the country. The E-Visa is an efficient and hassle-free way for Swiss and Tajikistani citizens to visit Cambodia for tourism or business purposes.

Visa Extension For Swiss And Tajikistani Citizens

Cambodia Visa Extension for Swiss and Tajikistani Citizens

Swiss and Tajikistani citizens can apply for a visa extension while in Cambodia if they meet the eligibility requirements. To be eligible for an extension, applicants must demonstrate a valid reason for remaining in Cambodia beyond the initial visa period. Common reasons for extension include medical treatment, business engagements, or personal matters. The application process for a visa extension involves submitting the necessary documentation to the immigration authorities and paying the required fees. Once the application is approved, the visa will be extended for the specified period. It is important for Swiss and Tajikistani citizens to adhere to the visa extension process to avoid any immigration violations during their stay in Cambodia.

Important Tips For Swiss And Tajikistani Citizens

Travel Advisory: Swiss citizens are required to obtain a visa prior to visiting Cambodia. Ensure to check the latest travel advisories and restrictions before planning your trip. Tajikistani citizens also need to adhere to all visa regulations for entry into Cambodia.

Documentation and Requirements: Swiss citizens must have a valid passport with at least six months validity and a passport-sized photograph for their visa application. Tajikistani citizens should provide proof of sufficient funds for their stay and a return ticket.



Frequently Asked Questions 


How Do Swiss Citizens Obtain A Visa For Cambodia?


Swiss citizens can obtain a visa for Cambodia by applying online or upon arrival at the airport. The visa is valid for 30 days and can be extended. The requirements include a valid passport, passport-sized photo, and visa fee payment.


What Is The Process For Tajikistani Citizens To Get A Visa For Cambodia?


Tajikistani citizens can apply for a visa for Cambodia by visiting the nearest Cambodian embassy or consulate. The required documents include a completed visa application form, passport-sized photo, valid passport, and visa fee payment. The visa processing time may vary, so it is recommended to apply in advance.


Can Swiss Citizens Extend Their Visa Stay In Cambodia?


Yes, Swiss citizens can extend their visa stay in Cambodia. They can apply for an extension at the immigration office in Phnom Penh or at the immigration office in Siem Reap. The extension is usually granted for another 30 days and requires the payment of an extension fee.


How Long Can Tajikistani Citizens Stay In Cambodia With A Visa?


Tajikistani citizens can stay in Cambodia with a visa for a maximum of 30 days. If they wish to stay longer, they must apply for a visa extension at the immigration office in Phnom Penh or Siem Reap. It is important to note that overstaying the visa without an extension is subject to penalties.




Obtaining a Cambodia visa for Swiss and Tajikistani citizens is a straightforward process. By following the necessary requirements and submitting a thorough application, travelers can embark on their exciting Cambodian journey without hassle. Remember to plan ahead, stay informed, and make the most of this captivating Southeast Asian destination.

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