Tee Morant – Father of Memphis Grizzlies All-Star Ja Morant

Tee Morant, father of Memphis Grizzlies All-Star Ja Morant, has experienced his son’s rapid ascension through the NBA this year to greater acclaim than ever before – although some wonder whether that’s a good thing.

The high-flying guard has recently made headlines due to a new hoodie featuring him with his son. It comes just over one month after members of his entourage were accused of shining a red laser light at Indiana Pacers team bus.

He’s a proud father

Tee Morant, father of Memphis Grizzlies star Ja Morant and frequent attendee at his games, takes great pride in watching his son excel in the NBA. After each game he would sit down and go over his performance with him afterward and provide crucial nitpicking tips which have provided Ja with the edge needed to succeed in the league.

He regularly takes Ja to strip clubs and other enjoyable activities, but has also been accused of overindulging him and was even seen drunk at a game! No wonder then that some Grizzlies team members believe his father to be responsible for Ja’s off-court issues.

During the 2022 playoffs, Karl Towns Sr became a prominent fixture on the sidelines and engaged in several heated exchanges with him, his son Karl-Anthony Towns playing center for Minnesota Timberwolves and son of Karl Towns Sr. Both individuals traded insults but always managed to find humor in each exchange and ultimately find common ground between themselves.

He’s a mentor

His father has played an active role in Ja Morant’s basketball journey. He has encouraged and taught his son the value of hard work and perseverance, family values and faith – as well as trusting that Ja’s talent will outweigh any challenges on the court.

Tee Morant, a retired basketball player and current entrepreneur. Married to Jamie – herself an ex softball player – they have two children together: Ja and Teniya. Tee is passionate about basketball; his involvement with his son’s career has cemented his position within it.

Tee Morant age often provides feedback on Ja’s performance, pinpointing any mistakes while showing him love. He frequently attends his games in order to encourage and cheer on Ja and even bought some tractor tires so that Ja can practice jumping over them. In hopes that through learning from mistakes and becoming an improved teammate.

He’s a coach

Tee Morant is a businessman and coach of basketball who has tirelessly supported his son Ja’s NBA career. With an estimated net worth of $5 Million and frequent attendance at his son’s games, his dedication has made him a popular figure within the basketball community.

Ja Morant credits his tough love approach as being what enabled Ja to blossom into one of Memphis Grizzlies‘ star players. Although some critics may view it as too harsh on Ja, he believes it helped mold him into the player he is today.

Tee has long been a presence on the sidelines during Grizzlies games, often engaging in heated arguments with broadcasters such as Shannon Sharpe. Once, he made an unorthodox wager with Minnesota Timberwolves center Karl-Anthony Towns’ father: Whoever lost in playoff series had to wear the other man’s jersey if their team lost. Tee won this bet and has given Towns Sr. his prize shirt.

He’s a role model

As Memphis battles Minnesota Timberwolves for playoff survival, some have turned their gaze towards Ja Morant’s father Tee. Hip-hop artist Cam’ron claimed on a recent episode of “It Is What It Is” that Tee has been encouraging his son to make unwise choices.

Grizzlies guard Jared Dudley blamed stress for his bad behavior; this does not excuse it. Dudley must learn to balance basketball career and role modeling responsibilities effectively while not overexerting himself with fame or popularity.

At a game against the Indiana Pacers, tensions flared between both teams and resulted in one fan being removed from courtside – Davonte Pack was frequently present at Grizzlies games and frequently sat next to Morant’s father Tee – and as such has been banned from future attendance of Grizzlies games following this incident reminiscent of one which occurred between them last season when near brawling ensued between them and Lakers players.

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