Seven Inexpensive Ways to Make Your Packaging Stand Out Using Custom Cardboard Boxes:

Cardboard Boxes

Every day we try to upgrade our business by adopting new strategies. Business is all about impressing your customers and embracing ideas to generate more revenue. We could not possibly sell the product without any changes and expect our business to grow.

You must have noticed that many brands change their product packaging from time to time. And not only that, but they are also promoting the new appearance of their products to keep their customers updated.

There are various types of packaging boxes in the market, And each brand uses the one that they think would represent their products professionally. But the question is, how do we know which type of packaging material is suitable for our products?

Many brands are using cardboard cartons. Can we do the same? If yes, then why and what changes need to be performed? If you are curious, about how boxes could bring a positive variance to our business, keep reading.

We would also be discussing seven inexpensive ways to make your packaging stand out using cardboard cartons.


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Make your packaging boxes sturdy:

If we wish to make our product presentable, then packaging plays a vital role. Would you ever consider a product luxurious if its packaging box is all mushy and fragile? In such a case, the item would get negatively affected before reaching its destination.

A cardboard box gets manufactured with multiple layers of paperboard. The paperboard gets pressed together and forms a thick layer of packaging. In this way, the cardboard box bears all the external pressure and keeps the item safe from harm.

Another advantage of using these boxes is that they do not need to get glued down. These boxes are supposed to get assembled. In this way, you could get rid of all the toxic adhesives that could harm the product.

We could also use Cardboard boxes for moving as they are super manageable and sturdy. And we love a packaging box that could be recycled and reused.

Customize them elegantly:

Use various printing methods to give an elegant look to your boxes. Each printing procedure gives a different look to your cases. Try to study each technique, and use the one that fits perfectly with your requirements.

Also, study the dimensions of your cardboard storage boxes for better understanding.

Overlap the boxes with lamination:

Lamination not only secures the appearance of our packaging boxes but also secures the product. They do not let the radiation pass through them and defend the item perfectly. Matte and gloss lamination are the ones that get used widely around the world.

Print minimal and vital info on the box:

The common mistake anyone can make is imprint useless information on the box. If we were to notice luxurious brands, they publish minimal data on the box. On the front flap or lid, we could only see the brand logo.

The same should be done for our custom cardboard boxes. We should have our preferred info printed on the most visible side with a decent font. Meanwhile, excessive data could get imprinted on the side. To make our box visually attractive, we must study the product’s dimensions.

Highlight the brand identity:

Using your cardboard boxes with lids might be the best thing you do to advertise your brand. It is not only the easiest and most effective way but also proves to be efficient.

Never forget to imprint your brand trademark on the packaging box alongside with slogan. Your brand’s motto would be helpful for your brand advertisement. Meanwhile, the trademark proves that the product is genuine.

Customize your Cardboard boxes wholesale with the process of engraving or embossing. Both of these techniques are getting used for highlighting brand identity and prove to be effective.

Make the box 100% organic:

The easiest way we can make our product stand out is to use an organic box. But these days, people use an organic box but fill it with plastic sheets affecting the box’s nature.

A packaging box would only be 100% organic if it gets filled with eco-friendly fillings. Now many sellers use an organic box but glue it down with a toxic adhesive. But we can get rid of all these potential problems by using cardboard packages. These boxes do not need to use glue to get assembled.

But the question is how to make our package 100% organic.

Use a cardboard, corrugated, and paperboard box.

Use an organic packaging filling such as corrugated bubble wraps and air pillows.

Recycle used paper and place them in your cardboard gift boxes. And use them to provide cushions for your fragile products.

Use cardboard packaging mold to place your product in it.

Do not use any toxic glue or adhesive.

Use organic packaging molds or fillings:

A key to impressing your clients is to make our packaging box organic. Almost every brand these days uses eco-friendly packaging boxes. Furthermore, they imprint on the box that the case is organic. Now, in this way, they impress their clients and show them how responsible they are.

We could also do the same by using organic boxes and molds. Cardboard boxes themselves are organic, but we could affect our product by using non-organic bubble wraps or plastic. Avoid such situations by using biodegradable bubble sheets and air pillows.

Now use these inexpensive ways to make your product stand out in the market and increase your sales.

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