Open Lines of Communication Between School and Home

fort bend isd skyward family access makes this possible. Communication between school and home is key for fostering student success, and Skyward Family Access makes this happen.

Parents and students alike can utilize this password-protected system to check course grades, attendance information and other pertinent details online.

To obtain a login ID and password for your child’s campus secretary. Additionally, it may be necessary to visit their office personally in order to provide additional verification of identity.


Attendance at school is of vital importance in a student’s educational success, and parents/guardians have the responsibility of monitoring it through Skyward application of their district.

If their child is absent from school, parents are responsible for notifying the campus attendance line as soon as possible to explain why. This may excuse their absence for up to two days before further documentation such as doctor’s notes is required.

Parents/Guardians can easily report student absences online via Skyward Family Access by selecting the Absence tab on the left menu. Please make sure that a valid email address is listed for your account.


Skyward family access allows students and parents to quickly gain access to grades, assignments, homework agendas, course information, schedules, lunch balances, lunch balance notifications and lunch balance alerts through an easy web-based tool available to all families that have registered an email address with the school district. Access can be gained via full website, mobile site or app.

Teachers must update student grades according to semester and trimester reporting dates; additionally, some may choose to make adjustments at their professional discretion.

For Skyward Family Access login credentials, families should reach out directly to their child’s campus or sign up during Fall Registration process, parent conference or open house.


Skyward allows parents and students to easily view assignments, homework and course grades; as well as student assignment summaries by class. Parents and students can also access school web messages, attendance reports, discipline reports, progress reports as well as school web messages during online registration or at any other time through their child’s campus. Parents can request accounts for their children during registration on-site or any time through Campus Link.

Parent and guardian login credentials can only be issued after verifying identity with a campus, which typically involves providing photo identification as proof. Skyward program updates occur every month over the weekend.

Food Service Balances

Skyward Family Access allows parents and students to easily view student schedules, attendance records, food service balances and payments, grades and more – making it an easy way to monitor your child’s academic progress in school. Parents can also check supply lists for their children.

Students will be able to make purchases using their food service account when their parent has authorized this during Online RegistraKRon. If their balance drops below $5.00, cash purchases may be necessary until it reaches that threshold.

Any delinquent balance remaining on the food service account constitutes delinquent debt and may be subject to collection procedures as set out in the district’s Local Meal Charge Policy.

Immunization Records

SKYWARD family access provides parents with real-time, online access to student data such as test scores, attendance, class schedules and immunization records. In order to use this service, a Skyward login ID and password will need to be issued from your child’s campus and must be collected personally in person for security and identity reasons.

Children may qualify for conditional status entry into school or child care if they are making progress towards receiving all remaining immunizations and have provided medically verified documentation of this progress. You can sign up for MyIR to view, download and print their immunization records; in addition they must present a Certificate of Immunization Status or CIS.


Skyward Family Access allows both parents and students to view real-time student records online – such as attendance, grade information and school calendars – including attendance data, grade changes and emergency contact updates. Parents can also confirm on-line that their emergency contact info for their student is up-to-date.

The Skyward program can be accessed from any computer with access to the internet and web browser. Users login using user name and password based on email addresses on file with district offices; parents and students should keep this updated throughout the year. Once every month, Skyward programs are updated over a weekend update window which means Family Access may not be accessible during that period.

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