The New Playground: Navigating Social Media Safely with Your Child

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Ever met a kid, especially a teen, who knows nothing about social media platforms like Instagram,. Snapchat or more. Impossible right? Social media is a playground for today’s kids. They make accounts, add friends, meet new people, create content, and do many more things. Unfortunately, not everything is positive or shining.

There are many negative aspects of using social media as well. Catfishing, body shaming, malicious comments, stalking, cyberbullying, and many more issues are just some of the list. No doubt these platforms are educational and informative in so many ways but still some things must be seriously addressed to improve the platform’s usage.

Social Media For Parents

Parents in the whole situation are more worried than ever. Teens are usually seen as obsessed and addicted to digital platforms while parents are most of the time just worried about their kid’s safety and security. Navigating social media safely with the child is no doubt the absolute priority of every parent. But not everyone gets successful in that.

It appears that you have to think out of the box and go beyond your comfort zone to make it happen. For example, the new solution is the use of parental control apps for keeping an eye on the kid’s online activities, including social media. But not everybody is ready to do that. The reason is there are so many myths and misunderstandings attached to the use of parental control apps. For example, some parents think of it as illegal, others think it is costly, and many misunderstand that some things are complicated and only tech people can handle it. Well to burst all these myths as they all are not true.

  • It is very easy to use parental control apps or social media monitoring app to keep kids safe.
  • Apps like TheOneSpy app or the OgyMogy are very economical.
  • Anyone with basic knowledge of handling smart gadgets can easily use the services offered by the parental control apps.

Navigate Social Media Like A Pro:

Get the parental control app and install the favorite bundle to access the kid’s online activities remotely. It is very easy and simple. Here is what efficient apps like TheOneSpy or OgyMogy offer their users.

Facebook Screen Recording:

Facebook monitoring tools allow the user to keep an eye on all the Facebook activities of the kids without letting them know. It includes newsfeed activities, friends and followers details, comment sections, private and group messages, media files, and more. Everything is recorded on the online portal of the app. Thus, any suspicious activity from the kid’s end or the online company is recorded and notified to the parents.

YouTube Screen Recording:

YouTube is a video streaming platform but it also allows its users to make personal channels as well. Make sure that you know about the kid’s channel’s existence and the type of content they upload on that. You can do that very easily and secretly with the YouTube screen monitoring feature.

Snapchat Screen Recording:

The content disappears within seconds on Snapchat, but don’t worry; the parental control apps have a solution for you. These tools recover the deleted data with full details, including sender information, date and time, etc. You can know if the kids are sharing or receiving nudes or any other form of unacceptable age-inappropriate content on Snapchat.

Telegram Screen Recording:

Telegram offers messenger services along with public platforms for reaching an audience. In short, it can be dangerous in so many different ways. By using the Telegram screen monitoring feature, parents can not only keep an eye on the private message but also get alerts about the public channel content of their kid’s account.

WhatsApp Screen Recording:

WhatsApp offers end-to-end encryption to its users. Many new features are being introduced to make the platform more secure and safe. But the truth is that the same features can be misused. For example, nude or inappropriate content shared through one one-time photo feature will disappear without leaving any record. Parents will never know what kind of content was shared or received through this feature. With the WhatsApp screen recording tool, parents can know all the details and much more.

Instagram Screen Recording Feature:

With Instagram monitoring tools things are in the remote hands of parents as they can know about the content posted by the kids and can guide them accordingly.


Navigating social media is very easy using parental control apps like TheOneSpy or OgyMogy.

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