Meaning, Characteristics & Values of Blue Sapphire Gemstone

Meaning, Characteristics & Values of Blue Sapphire Gemstone

Vedic astrology recognizes blue sapphire as one of the nine sacred gemstones known as Navratnas that correspond with Saturn (Shani). Additionally, blue sapphire can help enhance financial circumstances by strengthening one’s financial state. Blue sapphire is the ideal gem for those who wish to expand their attention span, foster mental clarity, and accelerate spiritual development. Furthermore, it offers several health benefits, such as improving digestion and soothing nerves. The Neelam Stone Price in India can vary based on its quality and origin. Neelam Ratna Price differs, with some variations in pricing for authentic stones.


Vedic soothsaying associates blue sapphire gemstones with the planet Saturn, representing ethics such as faithfulness, honesty, and devotion. Similarly, blue sapphire gems have long been revered for enhancing individual capabilities and helping individuals succeed across industries.

Sapphire has long been associated with relieving stress, inducing relaxation and increasing peacefulness and calm. Furthermore, it has also been found to aid with vision problems as well as hearing impairment. Also, sapphire can even treat issues such as hiccups and insomnia.

Sapphires symbolize loyalty and faithfulness, making them the ultimate symbol of romantic relationships. Furthermore, these gems bring clarity of thought and boost self-confidence – qualities ideal for Librans as well as Geminis alike! In particular, Kashmir Sapphire is considered the most valuable type while Burmese & Ceylon Sapphire come next in value.

Mental Health 

Blue sapphires have long been acknowledged for their ability to unlock mental potential in people. By encouraging open communication and stimulating the exchange of ideas, blue sapphires help individuals focus and launch new projects successfully – making them invaluable companions in creative industries such as music or film.

Astrologically speaking, gemstones are associated with Saturn. If this planet is strong in your horoscope it will bring fame, success, and financial wellbeing while weaker Saturn can cause problems in one’s personal and professional life. Therefore, using Blue Sapphire Price (Neelam) stones to boost any weak Saturn in someone’s chart and provide them with maximum benefits is highly recommended for optimal outcomes.

This mystical gemstone is said to bring wealth and prosperity to those who wear it. Associated with the throat chakra – which governs expression – it improves speech and writing abilities so they can more clearly express themselves while strengthening intuition and encouraging spiritual growth.

Emotional Well-Being

Sapphire gemstones captivate our senses with their mesmerizing blue hues, creating an environment conducive to relaxation. These soothing gems can help reduce racing thoughts while increasing mental clarity and aiding memory retention. Furthermore, sapphires facilitate communication and allow individuals to speak their truth freely with confidence.

Spiritually, sapphire is believed to stimulate the third eye and crown chakras, heightening psychic abilities and intuition. Similarly, it strengthens faith in higher powers while connecting individuals to their spirit guides or angels, leading to soul development and understanding one’s life purpose.

Physically speaking, sapphire can provide numerous health benefits. Notably, it protects throats while improving eyesight, regulates metabolism; possesses strong anti-inflammatory properties that treat various skin conditions; and can even act as a mood stabilizer.

To reap maximum benefit from its powerful energy source, sapphire should be charged under direct sunlight or moonlight for several hours or even better yet be buried into the earth for several days so it can absorb this cosmic energy and absorb any additional benefits it might bring.

To fully realize its power it should be charged before being placed under sunlight/moonlight for several hours/buried for several days/lying on. 

Physical Health 

Sapphire, as a soothing blue gemstone, contains natural calming energies that promote relaxation and promote restful sleep. Its melatonin-regulating properties may help balance out sleep-wake cycles to promote more consistent and restful patterns.

Neelam Stone are also said to help strengthen the throat chakra, improving communication abilities and increasing self-discipline and focus. Again, these stones may aid in relieving anxiety, stress and depression by discharging negative energy from oneself and reconnecting with the spiritual world.

The healing powers of sapphire gemstones are widely recognized to have an immensely positive effect on various health issues, such as asthma, nosebleeds, eye diseases and indigestion. Furthermore, its soothing qualities have proven useful in relieving tension, relieving headaches and providing chronic earache relief. As an international symbol of truth and faithfulness, sapphire stands as an effective stone to strengthen relationships and bondages; hence its historical association with fidelity and honesty across many cultures around the globe.

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