How to protect your garage door from burglars?

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Burglars have a goal in mind. They wish to enter and exit your house as soon as possible, taking as much as possible. They pick the front door as their point of entry 34% of the time on average.

But what happens if it’s difficult to get to the front door? Thieves don’t care about this; they’ll find a way in. This alternate route passes through your garage door in 9% of cases.

There are some ways to secure your garage door from burglars.

Shed some light

Nighttime, when most burglars prefer to operate. And many of them use the shadowy areas surrounding your garage to conceal their dubious attempts to enter your house.

Installing motion-activated floodlights next to the garage doors and windows will deter would-be thieves from trying to break in at night.

 Motion-sensing lights are particularly useful for keeping detached garages out of the shadows.

Lock your garage doors

You should always keep your garage doors locked if you must manually open and close them. These days, most homes have automated garage door openers, which greatly increase the difficulty of a criminal getting past a garage door, though not the impossibility.

 A padlock clamped on one of the door tracks will help guarantee that the doors stay closed while you’re away.

Replunging the automatic opener when you’re going to be away for a while is an additional alternative if your door opener is a little older and doesn’t have clever technology that recognizes whether your garage doors are open or closed.

Maintaining your inner garage access door and exterior garage service door locked is also a smart idea.

Upgrade the Door

Most criminals want to break into locks instead of the residential garage door itself. The door, however, might be the next best target if you live in a remote location or have very important stuff in your garage. A garage door upgrade typically costs between $700 and $2,000.

 Use a Smart Garage Door Opener

In addition to automatically locking the door when closed, a standard garage door opener contains several safety features. On the other hand, a thief can break the code or use brute force to force the door open.

Numerous integrated security features, including a monitor, self-closing and locking mechanism, lighting controls, and smartphone connectivity, are present in a smart garage door opener. You can immediately contact the authorities by receiving an alert on your phone if someone manages to force open your garage door.

Install a Security System

Contemplate about installing a full-featured security system with sensors, alarms, and cameras designed specifically for garages. These technologies can detect attempts at unlawful entry and alert you or a security monitoring provider immediately. 

Visible security cameras may also discourage would-be robbers.

Install a Solid-Core Garage Door to Stop Garage Invasion

Certain contractors will inevitably employ hollow-core garage doors to further their agendas. If your garage door is hollow, replace it immediately with a solid-core door with a deadbolt.

Frosted/tinted window

Windows let light into your garage, which is bad news for thieves who may take advantage of this to sneak a peek and see if there’s anything important they can take.

You can make your window translucent and keep others from seeing through it while still letting light in by applying a thin coating of frost or tint.

They are a prime target because of windows. They are simple to break and provide quick entry for criminals, so in the same vein, extra-large windows let intruders see exactly what’s inside your garage.

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