How to Clean and Maintain Your Fruit Juicer

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A hand press fruit juicer is a fabulous complement to your kitchen, delivering the amusing savors of freshly crowded liquid at your fingertips. Whether it’s a refreshing glass of orange juice in the morning or a zesty lemonade on a sunny afternoon, these juicers are invaluable. 

To assure your juicer serves you well for years to arrive, it’s required to comprehend how to expurgate and conserve it accurately. In this blog, we’ll direct you via the process of holding your hand and pressing fruit juicer in an immaculate situation.

Cleaning Your hand and pressing fruit juicer

Cleaning a Hand press juicer is a straightforward process that can be divided into several key steps:

Unplug and Disassemble:

  • Before you begin cleansing, unclog the juicer from the capacity basis and dismantle it. 
  • Remove all separable regions, such as the fluid receptacle, cone, and strainer.

Irrigate the Pieces: 

  • Begin by irrigating the severable regions beneath driving moistness. 
  • This initial rinse releases any staying juice or pulp and makes the succeeding cleansing better effortless.

Soak in Warm Soapy Water: 

  • Plug your sink or a considerable bowl with generous moisture and count a periodic reduction of dishwashing juice. 
  • Dunk the components and allow them to wash for a few minutes. 
  • This action allows to facilitate any persistent detritus.

Use a Brush or Sponge: 

  • After soaking, utilize a smooth brush or sponge to gently soften the parts. 
  • Pay special attention to the strainer, which tends to collect the most pulp and residue. 
  • A small, soft brush or an old toothbrush works well for intricate parts.

Rinse Again: 

  • Once you’ve thoroughly scrubbed all the parts, rinse them under running water. 
  • Assure there’s no soap or remains departed.

Dry Thoroughly: 

  • Before reassembling your juicer, make sure all parts are completely dry. 
  • You can air dry them or utilize a cleanse, dry clothes to speed up the process. 
  • A damp juicer can lead to mold or mildew.

Cleanse the Motor Housing: 

  • Don’t ignore to cleanse the engine accommodation. 
  • Use a damp cloth to wipe it down. 
  • Be cautious not to let water get into the electrical components of the juicer.


  • Once everything is dry, reassemble the juicer, making sure all parts fit securely. 
  • Plug it back in, and your hand press fruit juicer is ready for use.

Maintaining Your hand and pressing fruit juicer

Proper maintenance extends the life of your hand and pressing fruit juicer and ensures that it continues to produce delicious, fresh juice. Here are some supervision leads to observe:

Regular Cleaning: 

  • As discussed earlier, regular cleaning is essential. 
  • After every use, give your juicer a quick rinse and thorough cleaning to prevent pulp and juice residue from drying and becoming more challenging to remove.

Inspect for Wear and Tear: 

  • Periodically inspect your juicer for signs of wear and tear. 
  • Pay attention to the cone, strainer, and any other parts that come into direct contact with the fruits. 
  • If you detect any injury or damage, believe returning those pieces.

Lubricate Moving Parts: 

  • Some juicers have moving parts that benefit from occasional lubrication. 
  • Check your juicer’s manual for specific recommendations on which parts may require lubrication.

Sharpen the Blade or Cone: 

  • If your hand and pressing fruit juicer has a blade or cone, you may need to sharpen it from time to time to ensure efficient juice extraction. 
  • Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for sharpening or replacing these components.

Store Appropriately: 

  • When your juicer is not in usefulness, keep it in a dehydrated, tidied, and calm area. 
  • Assure that all regions are completely dry before multitude. 
  • Evade keeping your juicer in a moist or sticky environment to control mustiness growth.

Read the Manual: 

  • It’s always a good idea to familiarize yourself with the user manual that comes with your hand press fruit juicer. 
  • The manual contains specific care and maintenance instructions provided by the manufacturer.

Additional Tips for Keeping Your Juicer Sparkling

If you want to maintain not only the functionality of your juicer but also its sparkling appearance, here are some extra tips:

  • Use a mixture of vinegar and water to remove mineral deposits or discoloration on metal parts.
  • Lemon juice can be used to remove stains from plastic parts. Simply rub the affected area with lemon juice and rinse thoroughly.
  • To prevent strong odors or flavors from transferring to your juice, clean your juicer immediately after making a particularly potent juice, such as ginger or beetroot.


A hand press fruit juicer is a valuable kitchen appliance that can provide you with the goodness of fresh, homemade juice. To assure it stays efficient and hygienic, regular cleaning and maintenance are essential. 

By tracking the actions and advice recapitulated in this blog, you can maintain your juicer in greatest necessity, creating it an ongoing component of your kitchen for years to arrive. 

Useful supervision and maintenance assure that you can restart to appreciate the delectable savors of freshly stuffed liquid, drink behind glass.

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