Embrace Your Femininity With a Printed Silk Saree

Samyakk offers beautiful printed silk sarees that allow you to express your femininity with pride, providing comfort and superiority in your workplace while captivating all eyes with its captivating allure.

Traditional silk experiments in terms of design can be traced back to tweaking the process of weaving silk yarn. Hand printing silk requires special skills while machine printing on silk is easier and more affordable.

Hand Printing

Hand printing involves carving designs on wooden blocks and decorating fabric manually with them, which is both time consuming and laborious. But the end product looks stunning and is much less costly than silk sarees made of zari-ka-kaam silk threads.

Handprinted sarees woven from pure mulberry silk feature GI tags (geographic indication), which authenticates them as genuine heirloom pieces. Muga silk, unlike banarasi silk which requires over 1,000 cocoons per six-yard saree to produce, is grown by the Garo community of Assam and weighs significantly less.

Muga silk sarees feature a sheer, strong and sturdy construction with metallic yarn woven throughout for an eye-catching appearance. Muga silk fabric is eco-friendly as well as sustainable since it requires less water and chemicals than conventional textiles; traditional patterns like floral, peacocks and paisleys remain fashionable while abstract geometric portrayals have also become trendy.

Machine Printing

Machine printing on silk fabric is an easier and less-labor-intensive option compared to hand painting or block printing, allowing designers to print intricate designs using an abundance of vibrant hues.

Digital fabric printing involves using an inkjet printer to apply ink or dye to cloth surfaces with an ink nozzle, creating patterns on garments.

This technique can produce various Printed silk saree, including those featuring chiffon and georgette drapes. These fabrics have an elegant sheen, are lighter than their handloom counterparts and therefore suitable for everyday wear.

Floral Prints

Floral prints are feminine and look gorgeous on all types of sarees, from cotton chiffon and georgette sarees to silk silk ones. Cotton chiffon, georgette and silk sarees feature printed designs which make for comfortable summer wear; you’ll find them from bright pinks and bottle green hues all the way through soft pastel hues.

Printed sarees are much simpler and cost-effective to make, making them accessible for most women.

Many different printing techniques are utilized when it comes to creating sarees, from tie-and-dyeing and block printing to Madhubani prints on tussar silk; one such technique has proven especially popular at cultural fairs and ethnic bazaars across India.

Geometric Prints

Printed silk sarees are versatile garments perfect for casual wear and occasions ranging from work meetings to social get-togethers with friends. Recently, geometric prints on silk sarees have become increasingly popular; featuring landscapes, photos, shapes or other digital designs.

Furthermore, these sarees feature many traditional motifs like checks, stripes and plaids which can be found throughout them.

Polka dots sarees have become an increasingly popular trend, ideal for women looking for chic yet subtle sophistication without going over the top. Plus, their eye-pleasing colors make them suitable for any special event or formal gathering. In addition, other patterns such as floral, geometric and contemporary prints can often be found at culture fairs and ethnic bazaars throughout India.

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