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Melb Wine Store is one of Melbourne’s premier wine shops, boasting an extensive selection of branded wines, spirits and mixers as well as beer. Their website is user friendly with helpful staff to boot – I highly recommend them! Additionally, they ship nationwide!

Wine Only

Supermarket liquor stores typically stock an impressive selection of great wine, but online wine shops provide a better range and higher quality option. Staffed by knowledgeable drinkers who will help you select the perfect bottle, these sites also offer free tastings to ensure you make an informed decision when making your purchase.

This European-style wine shop in one of Melbourne’s oldest neighborhoods is an ideal starting point for your exploration of Australia’s wines and regions. The staff will be more than happy to answer any queries you may have, plus you can sample wines from their deli fridge or order some food to accompany your chosen bottle of vino.

If you’re not a wine expert, the staff here will gladly guide you in the right direction and their expert knowledge is sure to keep you occupied for hours. A wide selection of wines by the glass changes nightly so there’s sure to be something that captures your attention.

Blackhearts & Sparrows is one of Melbourne’s leading players in the natural wine scene. Their goal is to make minimal-intervention wines approachable and accessible for everyone – an incredibly difficult feat that they’ve managed admirably.

Wine House

The Wine House, situated in Southbank’s heart, offers an elegant yet comfortable wine & dine destination. With three multi-purpose function rooms and an outdoor courtyard, The Wine House can be booked for private events such as birthdays, weddings or other celebrations.

The Wine House is an impressive destination that showcases global wines and spirits, along with some spectacular displays. Glen and Jim Knight, sons of founder Bill Knight (a Market Watch Leader in 1993), run the show here, leading a team of highly knowledgeable sales personnel to provide customers with an unforgettable fine wine experience.

Family-run, they take great pride in offering excellent customer service and guarantee the wine is always fresh and in perfect condition. Furthermore, they keep up with what’s hot and not with an extensive tasting and ordering process.

At the end of the day, The Wine House’s most remarkable accomplishment is its capacity for consistently crafting the ideal wine at just the right time for each client. In an age where online ordering of wine is increasingly popular, having a physical storefront to provide that essential human touch is essential.

The legendary Wine House of Melbourne is the ideal starting point for your wine journey. They offer an impressive selection of both new and old world wines, as well as microbrewery tins. You’ll be glad you stopped by!


Melbourne is getting a serious boost of bottleshop-in-your-pocket thanks to Tipple, a wine delivery Melbourne service launched in 2015. Established in 2015, Tipple connects independent local bottle shops with thirsty customers and handles all ‘last mile’ delivery logistics.

With our proprietary technology platform that connects to partner stores, orders are algorithmically sorted and delivered within 30 minutes. All drivers undergo responsible service of alcohol training, and must check ID before delivering any orders.

Data-driven personalisation is a hallmark of Tipple, which utilizes telemetry and other data to better understand customer demand and its evolution over time. As a result, Tipple has been able to expand beyond just 210 suburbs in Melbourne and will soon be available across the nation.

Ryan Barrington, CEO of Tipple, believes the key to their success lies in utilizing deeper data insights. Through Azure services and Power BI, Tipple can now access a wider range of data – such as ordering history and customer telemetry – which helps inform its decision making processes.

Tipple can detect trends and customer demand for different types of alcohol, like craft beer or organic wine, in each suburb. This allows bottle shops to tailor their shop offerings according to local preferences.

In addition to bottle shops, Tipple also collaborates with artisanal and specialty beer and wine producers. As such, these breweries can offer customers exclusive specials, discounts, and deals through the Tipple app.

Winehouse 360deg Virtual Tour

The Wine Shop Melbourne offers an expansive selection of wines from around the globe. Additionally, they carry an impressive range of alcoholic beverages such as champagne, cider and spirits. Open Monday to Sunday, they provide free delivery on orders of six bottles or more with top-notch customer service to match. They have earned a reputation for providing efficient deliveries and knowledgeable advice to their customers.

Shopping for wine at Melb Wine Store offers great prices and an extensive selection of Australian branded and boutique wines at competitive prices. Plus, their online checkout system and various filters make finding what you want easy.

They offer a 360 degree virtual tour of their cellars, tasting rooms and vineyards for you to take a look at. Plus there’s a wine auction house, an curated wine case and some fun content about wine’s history.

360deg winery tours offer a unique opportunity to get an up-close and personal view of some of Australia’s finest wines without ever having to leave your couch! Plus, with no travel required, it’s all done from the comfort of home!

On these 360 degree winery tours, guests are given entertaining and useful information such as an inside look at the top-secret winemaking process. Plus, these tours boast some of the finest views in all of wine country!

The Valley Cellar Door

The Valley Cellar Door section of themelbwinstore offers an intimate mix of wine bar and bottle shop, hidden away from Puckle Street’s hustle-bustle. Here, you can choose from over 500 wines to enjoy on site or take home with you. Plus, their food menu boasts delicious platters, pizzas and light snacks to pair with your drinks or wine.

The cellar door is the entrance to a winery, typically situated either underground or close by its main building. These can vary in size, staff and style depending on which winery you visit; some are cozy and rustic while others have been modernised and decorated to the highest degree.

Visiting a cellar door is an exhilarating experience, offering visitors the chance to sample their favourite wines with friendly staff. In many cases, these establishments also provide tours of the winery itself and introduce visitors to its makers and learn more about their process.

In the Clare Valley, there are plenty of cellar doors to visit – each offering their own unique experience and offering quality fine wine. Although they may differ in size, staff and style, each is a must-see during any trip to this picturesque region.

The Penfolds Barossa Valley Cellar Door was established in 1911, at the heart of one of Australia’s renowned wine regions. As more fruit was sourced from this region during the 1970s, it became a focal point for Penfolds winemaking activities. On your visit you can sample world-famous Grange and other premium Penfolds wines while learning more about this iconic winery from an insider perspective.

Personalise Your Wine

Personalized wine bottles are an elegant way to commemorate a special occasion. With numerous label options and customisations available, you’re sure to find the ideal fit for your needs.

Personalised bottles of wine are an ideal way to commemorate special occasions such as birthdays, housewarming parties or anniversaries. Personalised gifts also make a lasting impression on business clients and colleagues. Whether you choose a label emblazoned with your logo or opt for the classic labeled bottle design, make your label stand out from the rest.

In addition to personalized labels, there are several other ways to make your gift truly one-of-a kind. For instance, you can have the bottle of wine engraved or made with a custom glass. Moreover, you can personalise your wine with an exclusive message or photo.

The best part is you don’t need a degree in art or design to create an original wine bottle. Simply pick out one from our vast selection of bottles, add your label with creativity and voila! Your one-of-a kind wine bottle has arrived!

The great news is you can order them online from The Melbourne Wine Store, Australia’s premier retailer. We carry an impressive selection of branded wines, champagnes and spirits as well as beer and cider options to choose from.

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