8 Best Free Otome Games That Will Make You Head Over Heels in Love


If you want to play a type of game that will help you relax and feel like you’re in love, you can’t miss out on free otome games. This type of game is becoming more and more popular these days, and not just with experienced players but also with new ones. Many developers have started to make English versions of their games so that they can reach more players around the world.

When we talk about otome games, which are also called “Maiden Games,” we mean games that are more geared toward women or girls. Most of the time, these games have a story and look like a mix of visual novels and dating sims. In otome games, you play the main female character, and your goal is to make a relationship with one of the male love interests that works for both of you.

Most of the time, there are a lot of free otome games you can play right now. If you’re not sure which otome game to play first, this list of the best free otome games can help you choose.

List of the best free Otome games you should play right now

The List of Best Free Otome Games You Must Play Now

Here are the best free otome games you must not miss playing;

1. Tears of Themis

Tears of Themis, made by miHoYo Limited, is the first game on the list of the best free otome games. In this otome game, you will play a person who works at a law firm. Most of the time, you’re not a lawyer yet, but you’ll help solve some cases. Don’t skip the prologue if you want to know what your role is and how the game works.

As you play Tears of Themis, you’ll meet different people and find different situations and places that will help you solve a mystery or case. Since this game is known as an otome game, you will meet several male characters, and one of them could become your love interest. He will show up depending on what you do in the game.


Tears Of Themis Download Pc Free


2. Mystic Messenger

Mystic Messenger by Cheritz is another free otome game that will blow your mind. In this game, you’ll play as Rika’s stand-in and do the things she usually does. As Rika’s sub, it’s your job to keep the chat room running, answer important phone calls, and do other things. All of these will take you 11 days or less.

In Mystic Messenger, you’ll meet three men who will have a big effect on how you play the game. When you get to the middle of the story, you’ll meet two more male characters. Keep in mind that each male character also has a different personality and job. Each character will take you to a different ending, and your choices will help you get to the one you want.


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3. Everlasting Summer

If you want to play an otome game with a lot of action, you can’t miss out on Everlasting Summer. In this game, you’ll take on the role of Semyon and go on many adventures in the Sovionok.

When you get to the Sovionok pioneer camp, you’ll meet different people with their own personalities. Some characters can become your new friends, while another could be the love of your life. With these characters, you’ll solve a number of mysteries that have to do with the camp.


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4. If My Heart Had Wings

If you’re the kind of otome player who loves romance and love stories a lot, you should play If My Heart Had Wings by WillPlus. You don’t just read romantic novels in this game; you also get to write your own love story by making your own decisions.

If My Heart Had Wings gives you the chance to meet six beautiful women, one of whom might become your love interest. You’ll go on dates with them, which will help you figure out who will be your ultimate girl. In addition to making new friends and finding love, it is your job to bring the Academy’s Soaring Club back to its former glory with the help of your new friends and love interests.


If My Heart Had Wings Gameplay On Pc


5. Blush Blush

Sad Panda Studios’ Blush Blush is another otome game that will make you fall in love. This casual dating game has a great story, exciting parts, and attractive parts. If you’ve played the game Crush Crush, you’ll know how to play this one, too. The only difference is that you’ll be playing with men instead of girls.

Like most otome games, your choices and decisions will have a big effect on how the game ends. Your main goal is to get all of the anime guys to like you and get together with one of them. To do this, you must first meet certain requirements, such as having enough hearts, gift combinations, job levels, and dates.



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6. My Rental Girlfriend

Do you think you’d ever rent a girlfriend? You can see this if you play My Rental Girlfriend by Genius Studio Japan. In this game, you’ll be a smart guy who has everything he needs except a girlfriend. Until one day you get an ad that tells you how to rent a girlfriend.

To make your perfect life even better, you answered the ad and got a beautiful girlfriend to show off to your friends. You will meet Tessa, Celine, and Zoe in My Rental Girlfriend. Each lady possesses a unique personality and traits. You choose who you want to be with in the end.


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7. Blood in Roses – Otome Game

Blood in Roses by NTT Solmare is one of the best free otome games that you can play. In this story-based game, you’ll take on a certain role, and your choices will determine how the story ends. You must decide if you want to be a hunter or a witch, and then choose which role you want to play.

To play the otome game well, it’s best to know the story of each role so you can decide which adventure you’d like to go on. Keep in mind that the game has 100 endings, and that you can make different choices with more than 25 characters.


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8. Be My Princess: Party

Last but not least, Be My Princess: Party by Voltage rounds out the list of the best free otome games. In this romantic simulation game, you will meet and talk to several princes, each of whom will try to win your heart. The best thing about this game is that you can also play games where you get to dress up.

The princes in this game are from different kingdoms and have different personalities. To grow your town, you need to finish some stories with your chosen prince. To win over the princes’ hearts, you can give your character a unique look by putting on pretty clothes, makeup, and hairstyles.

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