13 Essential Features Your Mobile App Development Company in the USA Should Offer

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The US’ digital space never closes and to keep up with it, you either need a user-friendly website or a dedicated mobile app. As more and more users are switching to mobile apps for better user experience, you should ensure your app has all the required features and functionalities. But how can you ensure that? Well! It all depends on your mobile app development company in the USA and how seriously they take your project. 

Designing a perfect mobile app isn’t an easy task, it requires the mobile app development company in the USA to be expert in their field. And when we talk about the perfect mobile app, we mean a fully functional and feature-rich app that offers an easy-to-navigate interface and rich user experience. 

Having a feature-rich mobile app allows businesses to achieve what exactly they want to. But how would you ensure which functionalities are a must for your app? Here we come into play. In this article, we will discuss the top 13 essential features your mobile app development company in the USA should offer. 

13 Must-Have Features Every Mobile App Development Company in the USA Should Offer

#1 ‘How-To’ Tutorials

In today’s digital landscape, every mobile app developer ought to be the best by offering a sea of features to its users. In this case, offering a ‘How To’ tutorial right after the downloading is a must-have function your mobile app development company in the USA should offer. As not all users are equally good at technology, these tutorials will help them understand the functionality in the most easy way. 

#2 A User-Friendly, Responsive Interface

A user-friendly and responsive mobile app stands a high chance of adoption. Everyone wants a seamless experience and they want their app to be responsive enough that it works in a single click. As there are nearly 4 billion smartphones globally, your app should be adaptable to different devices and screen sizes. 

#3 Chat Support

Chat support is probably the most essential feature of a mobile app. Your mobile app development company in the US can help in integrating an AI-powered chatbot that interacts with your users on your behalf and provides them with real-time solutions for their problems. 

There should also be an option to connect with a human representative as bots may sometimes not be able to figure out the real issue and that would be so frustrating for a user. 

#4 A Search Option

A search option is an essential feature most mobile apps lack today. The feature can make the app accessible to people without much technological knowledge. They can easily navigate to what they are searching by using this simple functionality. It won’t frustrate them to scroll down hundreds of products to find the one they are looking for. 

#5 Battery Preservation

As we know powerful functions require high battery consumption, but what is the sense of using them if it is draining way too much battery from your device? You don’t want to plug your charger frequently. Therefore, ensuring the functionalities your mobile app development company in the USA will integrate into your app should account for battery-preservation techniques to ensure a great user experience and sustained battery life. 

#6 Clear Privacy Options

Ideally, every mobile app should have a user-friendly experience and clear privacy options. Your app’s UX functionalities will enhance your user’s perception of your brand. Additionally, the privacy notification will show your users how much you care about their data and sensitive information. 

#7 A Security-By-Design Approach

Cybersecurity is what every mobile app development company in the USA should prioritize. To build a scalable and secure mobile app, they should follow a security-by-design approach. They need to use shift-left guidelines that let them test the entire development lifecycle. 

#8 Multifactor Authentication

Data accessibility and data protection should be balanced to offer what your users want without being concerned about their security. There should be a multi-factor authentication that allows validation and user access before providing any information. It would be a total waste of money if your app development doesn’t prioritize user security. 

#9 Scalable Text

Scalable text not only helps old age people to adjust the font size but also offers more flexibility to other users to enjoy the experience in their own way. You should ask your mobile app development company in the USA to focus on this feature as accessibility is what drives the user engagement. 

#10 Automatic Speech Recognition

For many people, using mobile phones means holding the phone in one hand and touching and sliding the screen with the other. However, this is not easy or possible for some people who have disabilities or injuries that affect their hand movements, or who are busy with other tasks. A voice-accessible feature can help them use their phone without any hassle. 

#11 Multi-Device Synchronization

Sometimes, you might want to switch from a mobile app to a website when filling out a form that is too complicated or inconvenient on the phone. It would be very helpful if you could continue from where you left off on a different device or platform. This is why having a feature that allows real-time synchronization across multiple devices and platforms is essential.

#12 Augmented Reality Integration

AR integration has become today’s reality and will continue to impact the global mobile app development industry for years. A reliable mobile app development company in the USA should know how to leverage this emerging technology to offer exceptional user experience. 

#13 Push Notification

Push Notification is an essential part of a mobile app. It is not only beneficial for business but for users too. Using it, businesses can send personalized messages on new products, promotional offers, or discounts, which help drive engagement and improve sales. 


So, that’s it in this blog! The features above listed are must-haves for a mobile application to succeed. The next time you hire a mobile app development company in the USA for your project, consider prioritizing these features to ensure the development of a high-end mobile app.

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